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All comes back to this.

All comes back to this - Charlie James single cover
1. All comes back to this. 03:03
About Single

Written by Charlie James.
Recorded and engineered by Davide Venco.
Produced by Nick Tauber at RAK / Livingstone studios, London 2021.

Artist: Charlie James
Genres: Alternative Country, British New Wave, Roots Rock
Producer: Nick Tauber at RAK / Livingstone studios, London 2021.
Label: Single
Selected Lyrics:

All comes back to this.

Upset, gone to bed, was it something that I said
About you swinging with the trust-fund beatniks
Secretly, and unseen, gets her kicks on James Dean
Pretends she’s down and out but daddy’s rich
Imagined roads with Kerouac, your battered Ginsburg paperback
You take that but I’ll take back in black

Live aid, queen played, at the edge but unscathed
These were the days of our lives
Unhitched, some missed, hindsight’s fine but still a bitch
Who’s going to drive you home tonight
Go do the things your daddy said, your brother’s shotgun by the bed
Where some men pass the others fear to tread”

And I’ll forgive the things you did
But you weren’t born the way I lived
And in the end it all comes back to this